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Information and discussion on movies.

moviephiles is based around movies and movie trivia. There will be weekly games and columns. The community will be open to members participation, this means it isn't up to the mods and maintainer to post 100% its also down to you the member to participate. If you go to the movies, come to the community and write a review, if you hear some movie news then we want to know.

If you would like to help out with any of these columns, take over empty ones, or start posting weekly about something of your own interest (pertaining to movies) Please please let me know! E-Mail me or reply in acidcrys. I'd love any kind of help or activity.

Guess The Gross - acidcrys or silverspeck
Guess the weekend gross numbers of a newly released film.

Movie Trailers - Looking for New Host (contact me to take over)
A weekly summary of movie trailers for your viewing pleasure.

DVD/VHS Releases - tweenkle77
Weekly DVD/VHS Releases each week.

Classic Film Corner *NEW* - filmgrrrl
A column based around a certain classic movie or any news about the classics.

Weekly Polls - exsanguinator
Weekly polls about different movie questions or similar.

Thats a Wrap! - forestwitch
Weekly entertainment news and gossip.

L'indépendant. - Looking for New Host (contact me to take over)
Foreign and independant film news.

Guess The Mug - Looking for New Host (contact me to take over)
Guess the distorted mug of an actor/actress.

Guess The Movie - rainforestelf21
A still image from a movie is posted, and users must guess what film the image is from.

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The original challenge post will list the time frame and any other specifications required to participate. If you complete the challenge you will recieve a button to post in your journal or some kind of similar recognition.

Find out further details at: Challenge Guidelines

1) Be respectful when stating your opinions.

2) Lj-cuts are required when posting big pictures, reviews, and spoilers You may post pictures, so long as you limit the dimensions to 500x300.

3) Please contact me if you wish to make a post off-topic from movies. If you are uncertain of whether your post falls under that category, please contact me to make sure. This goes for posts advertising communities, posts about personal websites, and similar things as well.

There are seperate rules for the games, please find them here

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments - please visit the F.A.Q.

Community Owner: acidcrys


If you are a member of the community and you have your own community you'd like added to the members community list, email me or leave a comment for acidcrys with the link to your community and a brief explanation and what genre the community falls into and what it's about. I will then add your community to the list.
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